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Appliance Repair Services Company for Pinellas County

Your appliance repair service company for Pinellas County provides fast and affordable appliance repair services. Call (727) 648-7879 or click HERE for an appointment.

Appliance repair services company, Coastal Appliance Solutions, is here for your Pinellas County home and commercial/ restaurant/ hotel appliance repair needs. We know that nothing is worse than opening your refrigerator and being hit with a blast of NOT-cold air, or going to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer and finding that they are still soaking and that the washing machine will not drain. And what about taking your dinner from the oven, only to find that it is burned on the bottom and barely cooked on top?  This is when the Coastal Appliance Solutions appliance repair service and installation experts get to come to the rescue (which we like), particularly when you see how fast and affordable Pinellas County appliance repair or installation can be:  Only $80 for our certified, licensed and insured, Pinellas County technician to come out and diagnose the issue, and emergency/ after hours service calls for only $120. 

Coastal Appliance Solutions is staffed with expert appliance repair and installation technicians who were born, raised, and schooled right here in beautiful Pinellas County. Whether the appliance that you need installed or repaired is a washer and dryer on St. Pete Beach, a refrigerator repair in Largo, a dishwasher repair service in Tierra Verde, a commercial restaurant kitchen oven or stove repair on Clearwater Beach, or even small appliances, like convection ovens, Coffee/Espresso machines, Microwave repair, or Mini Fridge repair service, we are at the ready to get your appliance up and running in no time.  Coastal Appliance Solutions is striving to be the BEST appliance repair service company in Pinellas County, for YOU.

Pinellas County REFRIGERATOR repair service and appliance installation

pinellas-county-commercial-residential-refrigerator-repairRefrigerators are critical for preserving food, ensuring that it is kept safe for consumption. When your refrigerator goes on the fritz, food spoils, which can quickly lead to a sizable expense to replace it all, or health hazards if the refrigerator temperature is not repaired quickly. If your refrigerator isn’t running or staying cool, there is no time to waste. You need to get that refrigerator repaired, or a new refrigerator installed. 

Repairing your refrigerator is often much more cost-effective than replacing it.  Calling Pinellas county-based Coastal Appliance Solutions to repair your home or commercial/ restaurant/ hotel refrigerator will likely save you the cost of buying a new appliance. Our professional, licensed, and insured repair technicians can determine the problem and replace the bad parts. And repairing your refrigerator can get you years of additional usage.

Your refrigerator can cost you more in terms of your energy expenses too if the kitchen appliance is beginning to malfunction. The refrigerator has to work harder if parts, like a fan or the refrigerator condenser coils, are not functioning optimally. Repairing your residential or commercial refrigerator, or even installing a new one if necessary, can reduce your energy expenses significantly. 

When you call the Pinellas County refrigerator repair services and installation technicians at Coastal Appliance Solutions, we can diagnose the issue with your refrigerator and quickly give you back your peace of mind by repairing it.

Call (727) 648-7879 to speak with a Pinellas County refrigerator repair service and appliance installation expert or click for an APPOINTMENT. 


OVEN and STOVE repair service and appliance installation in Pinellas County


Your oven and stove range is probably among the most commonly used kitchen appliances in your home and is definitely used most often if your oven and stove are used in a commercial kitchen. Having your oven malfunction can quickly disrupt your household or business routines. For this reason, as well as possible safety issues, it is important to get your oven and/or stove repaired as soon as possible, or a new stove and oven installed, if necessary.  

When your oven or the burners on your stovetop aren’t working right, cooking times may be longer, or your food may come out cooked unevenly, both issues that a simple oven or stove repair services can often fix. Obviously, repairing a faulty oven or stove will usually be more cost-effective than installing a new appliance. Our experienced, licensed, and insured technicians will diagnose the issue and have common fixes for your oven and stovetop—such as a bad thermostat, wiring issues, or a failed heating element—repaired quickly and affordably. On the rare occasion that the appliance diagnosis indicates that the oven or stove is beyond cost-effective repair, then a new oven and stove installation will be recommended.       

Safety is also a serious issue when an oven or stove begins to malfunction. No one wants an appliance that can heat up to several hundred degrees, if not over 1000 degrees, malfunctioning in their home or restaurant kitchen! If there is ANY possibility of an electrical malfunction or a gas leak, for example, please call a reliable Pinellas County licensed oven and stove technician immediately.

The oven and stove experts here at Coastal Appliance Solutions serve all of Pinellas County, repairing and installing residential and commercial/ hotel/ restaurant ovens and stovetop ranges and other appliances from St. Pete Beach on “Long Key” to Tarpon Springs. 

Get an APPOINTMENT with a Pinellas County stove and oven repair service and appliance installation expert or call (727) 648-7879 now.


Pinellas County WASHER and DRYER repair service and appliance installation


Regular maintenance and repair services for  your washer and dryer is important for many reasons. The high humidity and frequent rain in Pinellas County can lead to health issues if your washer or dryer is not functioning properly. When excess moisture builds up it creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Cleaning the dryer vents is simple and affordable and will increase the longevity of your dryer, as well as dry your clothes a whole lot faster. The same is true of a washer that won’t fully drain, so that mildew grows when the lid is closed. Servicing and repairing washer and dryers in Pinellas County is generally a quick and simple task for our certified and insured appliance technicians and the repair removes potential health hazards, as well as any bad odors that may have resulted from the accumulated moisture.

Maintenance and timely washer and dryer repair services will extend the life of your washer and dryer too. Pinellas County’s climate, along with the high humidity and salty air wear on the components of your washer and dryer. Regularly servicing your appliances and getting minor repairs done can help avoid the expense of a new washer or dryer installation for years.

The expert home and commercial/ hotel washer and dryer repair technicians at Coastal Appliance Solutions can quickly and affordably diagnose your appliance issue, and then give you an immediate estimate for washer or dryer repair service. Repairing your washer and dryer will almost always be more cost effective than a new washer or dryer installation. Only in the very rare case where the repair of your appliance would cost more than replacing a unit will of technicians recommend a new washer or dryer installation.    

Click HERE for an appointment with a Pinellas County washer and dryer repair service and appliance installation expert or call (727) 648-7879 now.


 DISHWASHER repair service and appliance installation in Pinellas County


Some of us remember the old days of washing dishes by hand, but now the Dishwasher is an indispensable appliance in nearly every Pinellas County kitchen. Dishwashers simplify the process of cleaning our dishes and utensils and we depend on them to work. Dishwashers save us time, so timely dishwasher repair service is important if your appliance is not draining, or not properly cleaning your dishes, or just not functioning at peak performance.  We live in a busy world, and taking an hour to do our daily dishes by hand just won’t work. From Clearwater to St. Pete, from Largo to Countryside, and everything in between; Pinellas County-based Coastal Appliance Solutions is here for your dishwasher service, repair, and installation needs.

Dishwasher repair services should be done by a Pinellas County trained, licensed, and insured technician. Our dishwasher repair experts are certified in dishwasher repair, as well as nearly every other type of appliance. This is true whether you need residential or commercial/ hotel/ restaurant dishwasher repair or installation. Dishwasher repair service, like all appliance repair services, requires special expertise. And repairing your home or commercial dishwasher is generally very affordable, so it is definitely not worth trying to repair your dishwasher yourself, possibly causing more damage or hurting yourself.  Our kitchen appliance repair experts will quickly get to the bottom of the dishwasher issue and give you an estimate. While it is almost always more cost-effective to repair your dishwasher, a new dishwasher installation will be recommended if the benefit of repair does not outweigh the cost. Regardless, hiring Pinellas County certified dishwasher technicians ensures peace of mind.

Call (727) 648-7879 to speak with a Pinellas County dishwasher repair service and appliance installation expert or click for an APPOINTMENT.


Pinellas County Small Appliance repair service, including but not limited to Coffee and Espresso machine repair, Microwave repair, Vents, Convection Oven repair, Mini Fridge repair, etc.


Small appliance repair service is a significant part of what we do for our neighbors throughout Pinellas County.  Whether you are in Tierra Verde and need an espresso machine repair, a mini-fridge repair in Dunedin, or your dryer vents need serviced in Largo, our licensed and ensured technicians can get you fixed up in no time. From convection ovens to microwaves to coffee makers, your small kitchen appliances make your daily lives easier, and also a lot more frustrating when they need repaired. A small appliance repair service call to Coastal Appliance Solutions can quickly and affordably get your day back on track!  

By choosing to have your mini fridge (or any small appliance) repaired instead of purchasing a new one, you can save money. Small appliance repair service gives you a cost-effective option; to extend the life of your current minifridge and prevent unnecessary expenses. It is usually a simple and affordable small appliance repair that is necessary to get your mini fridge cooling at peak performance again. If, after our licensed and ensured technicians have diagnosed the issue, they determine that a repair will not likely fix the issue for long, then they will recommend a new mini fridge, instead of charging you more for a fix that might only last a week.

Tourism is a significant economic driver for Pinellas County. Commercial ventures like hotels, beach-rentals, and vacation resorts rely heavily on their microwaves, coffee makers, convection ovens and mini fridges for our thriving hospitality industry. Commercial small appliance repair services can save a hotel a great deal of money over replacing a microwave every time it needs a simple repair. The experienced and professional small appliance technicians with Coastal Appliance Solutions know what needs to be done to quickly repair your small appliances. We will help you maintain guest satisfaction by minimizing disruptions so that your hospitality business can maintain its reputation for excellence.

Repairing your galley/overhang microwave or “sidekick” refrigerator is usually a quick and easy solution, allowing your family or hospitality business to get back to business! Again, no job is too big, or too small. Whether you need a hundred commercial mini-fridges diagnosed and repaired in Palm Harbor, or your electric grill repaired in…Pass-a-Grille, the licensed and insured technicians from Pinellas County based Coastal Appliance Solutions are here for your small kitchen appliance repair service needs!

Click HERE for an appointment with a Pinellas County small appliance repair service and installation expert or call (727) 648-7879 now.

Coastal Appliance Solutions proudly serves Pinellas County in both a  commercial and residential appliance repair service capacity, serving appliance repair and installation customers in Seminole, St. Pete, St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-Grille, Tierra Verde, Countryside, Pinellas Park, Largo, Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, and every city and town in between!

So, hopefully if you searched “Appliance repair company near me” you found us, because we are a local commercial and residential appliance repair company near you! Hopefully, soon, you’ll be able to search BEST appliance repair service company in Pinellas County and find us, because that is our aim! And you can set your mind at ease knowing that our technicians are well equipped to repair these standard, luxury, and commercial appliance brands, and MORE: