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Small Appliance Repair Service Company in Pinellas County

Small appliance repair services—cappuccino and espresso machine, coffee maker, mini fridge, microwave, convection oven, dryer vent cleaning, etc.—for Residential and Commercial/ Hotel/ Restaurant Pinellas County:  (727) 648-7879 or click HERE.

Small appliance repair service is fast and affordable with Coastal Appliance Solutions. Whether you need a mini fridge repaired in your Clearwater home, or your commercial espresso and coffee machines serviced in St. Pete, if you are in Pinellas County, we are close by and ready to help!

Our small appliances play a crucial role in our daily home and business routines. If the coffee maker won’t make our coffee before work, we suddenly realize how dependent we are on these little machines! When you call our friendly Support team, they will collect the information we need, and swiftly dispatch a Pinellas County licensed small appliance repair and service expert to your residence, business, hotel, restaurant, or any commercial location in Pinellas. When the repair tech arrives, they will be professional and respectful of your time and home or business space. We will quickly diagnose the issue and give you an immediate and affordable estimate. Then, if you agree, we will proceed with the small appliance repair to get your espresso brewing again!   

And affordability is key. As life-long residents of beautiful Pinellas County, we understand the cost of living and doing business here. Fortunately, the expert repair and service abilities of our small appliance certified techs means we don’t need to spend as much time diagnosing and fixing your mini-fridge or microwave, so we can more jobs done in a day. We pass that savings on to YOU.

Call (727) 648-7879 or click for an APPOINTMENT to have your convection oven, mini-fridge, microwave, espresso machine or other small appliances repaired in your home or business.

Mini-fridge Residential and Commercial Repair Service in Pinellas County:

Mini fridges have become a convenience in many homes, often residing in more than one room. Offices and dorm rooms, as well as the commercial uses in every hotel room, have made the mini-fridge one of the most prevalent small appliances. Mini fridges are perfect for storing specific food or beverages, but like all small appliances, occasional repairs or maintenance is needed to keep your food and drinks of choice COLD!

Repairing your mini fridge is usually more cost-effective than installing a new one.  If you call for service as soon as you notice excess moisture, or the temperature is not right, you can often prevent higher mini fridge repair costs or needing a new one. If you decide for any reason to replace the mini fridge, we will remove the broken mini fridge at no cost.

Food safety is one of the main reasons to get a failing mini fridge repaired right away. Energy efficiency, prolonged lifespan, convenience, and peace of mind are others. If you live in Pinellas County or operate a commercial property or hotel and need mini fridge repair, we will quickly bring back that peace of mind.

A couple steps that you can take to extend the life of your mini fridge: Don’t overload it and keep the interior clean of food particles, spills, and mold. For anything else, call our trained minifridge repair service techs to avoid possibly making the problem worse, or worse yet, hurting yourself.   

If you need Mini Fridge repair services in Pinellas County, call (727) 648-7879 or click HERE for fast and affordable commercial and residential Mini-Fridge Repair and Maintenance.

Espresso, Cappuccino, and Coffee Machine Commercial and Residential Repair Service in Pinellas County:

Whether it’s your previously trusty home coffee maker, or a residential or commercial restaurant espresso, cappuccino, and coffee machine, when it fails to make our coffee, ADRENALINE replaces caffeine to wake us up!  Waking up to a hot cup ‘o joe, however you take it, is a pleasure and, often, a necessity.  If it’s an automatic coffee grinder/ maker, maybe you notice coming down the stars that there is no smell of coffee in the air. But, regardless, when you tap that button and don’t get your coffee…

Pinellas County is home to a diverse coffee culture, with our households and commercial restaurants and kitchens relying on their coffee, cappuccino, and espresso machines to brew that perfect cup of coffee. Coffee Maker and espresso and cappuccino machine repair, commercial or residential, is a phone call away; fast and affordable coffee, espresso, and cappuccino machine repair, that is.   

We at Coastal Appliance Solutions understand the need for coffee machine repair because we understand the need for coffee. Sure, we can stop off at Micky D’s or a café but having that first cup before we go out the door is crucial. Your coffee, espresso and cappuccino are important in Pinellas County, so coffee maker and espresso and cappuccino machine repair is important to us; whether you are at home, or one of our commercial restaurant or hotel operators.

We aim to support the thriving Pinellas County coffee culture through fast and affordable household and commercial kitchen coffee, espresso, and cappuccino repair services.

Set an APPOINTMENT or simply call (727) 648-7879 or residential or commercial coffee, espresso, and cappuccino maker repair in Pinellas County.

Microwave Residential and Commercial Repair in Pinellas County:

Some of us are old enough to remember life without a microwave oven that can heat up our food in a fraction of the time, but that doesn’t mean we are okay if our microwave suddenly won’t do its job! Depending on whether you are seeking residential microwave repair service in Pinellas County or if you are a restaurant or hotel or some other commercial business in need of microwave repair, there are several types of microwaves. The great news is that the certified and insured microwave technicians at Coastal Appliance Solutions stand ready to repair any of your microwave types and issues in Pinellas.

Over-The-Range, or OTR Microwave Oven Repair: These microwave ovens are the ones installed above your oven range. These microwaves combine a range hood, to catch, filter, and disperse the steam and smoke that rises from the stove. Over-the-range/ OTR microwave repair is in our wheelhouse.

Countertop Microwave Oven Repair: Still the most popular microwave ovens, allowing the owner to place them anywhere that is convenient. We can quickly and affordably repair your home or commercial countertop microwave ovens.

Compact Microwave Oven Repair: These are the kind of microwave generally found in dorm rooms, small apartments, or any space with limited kitchen space. Generally using less power as well, these portable microwaves are convenient where needed. Call us to repair your residential or commercial compact microwave oven.

Microwave Drawer Oven Repair: The microwave drawer oven is a newer addition to the microwave family and is generally found in more newly built residences. Designed as a space saving tool, these microwaves are built into the cabinetry, allowing the homeowner to pull the drawer microwave out for use and then return it to its compartment, out of site. We are ready to repair your microwave drawer oven if you are a Pinellas County neighbor.  

Combination Microwave Oven Repair: These versatile appliances are, as the name suggests, able to microwave your food or function as a convection over or grill. Some combination microwave ovens can even roast and steam your food as well. Call the experts at Coastal Appliance Solutions in Pinellas County for swift and affordable repair of your commercial or home combination microwave oven.

Built-in Microwave Oven Repair: Built-in microwaves are “built in” to the cabinetry or wall to create a sleek, customized feel to the kitchen. As they are built in, special skills are required to properly remove them from their space, repair the microwave, then return it to its custom position. The Coastal Appliance Solution technicians are trained and ready to repair your built-in microwave oven, wherever life has landed you in beautiful Pinellas County.

Lastly, as a child once told me (from the mouths of babes): “It’s like a little sun in your kitchen. You don’t want the sun to blow up in your kitchen”, so hire the professionals at Coastal Appliance Solutions to repair your home or commercial microwave in Pinellas County and save you from that!

Residential and commercial microwave repair in Pinellas County is fast and affordable through Coastal Appliance Solutions. Call (727) 648-7879 or click HERE to find out.

Convection Oven Home and Commercial Repair in Pinellas County:

Convection ovens are smaller than traditional ovens but have a significant advantage in that they are specifically designed to move heated air around the food, cooking it more evenly. “Convection” refers to the transfer of heat through the movement of air. Metal fans work to transfer heat evenly throughout your convection oven, giving your food the perfect cook. If you are accustomed to the advantages that your convection oven can deliver, a failing convection oven is a significant problem. The residential and commercial convection oven repair service experts at Coastal Appliance Solutions are ready to get your convection oven back in peak performance!

A couple other nice advantages of a separate convection oven are their ability to brown food more efficiently and quickly, energy efficiency, and the array of foods that they can effectively service. So call us to get that convection oven repaired.

“Browning” or “crisping” your dishes with a properly functioning convection oven is a synch. The heated air circulating around the food develops a crispier exterior, while the special cooking method maintains the moistness within.  Pastries, roasting meats, or any dish that is more desirable with a golden, crunchy texture is best created in a convection oven. Some even come with a “pizza stone” and instructions to cook the perfect pizza.

Convection ovens are smaller than traditional ovens and, with the additional design function of fans to move the heated air within, cook your dishes faster. Simply, considerably less time cooking results in considerably less energy used, so you save money. Our convection oven experts, for both commercial and household convection ovens, stand ready to serve!

Besides the advantages listed previously, convection ovens cook a variety of dishes, including roasted meats and vegetables, baked creations, and casseroles. Even heat distribution makes convection ovens suitable for baking, roasting, broiling, and even dehydrating in some cases, for perfect beef jerky or sweet potato chips flavored to your liking!

Call (727) 648-7879 or set an APPOINTMENT to have your Pinellas County residential or commercial convection oven repaired now.

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Residential and Commercial Service in Pinellas County:

Dryer vent cleaning in Pinellas does not exactly fall into “small appliance repair”, but is a simple and understood repair or service (for a certified, licensed, and insured professional dryer vent repair tech), so we will include it on this page. And as you might imagine, the friendly technicians at Coastal Appliance Solutions are ready and waiting to repair or service your dryer vent cleaning and repair needs throughout Pinellas County.

We strive to make all of our small appliance repairs fast and affordable and dryer vents are no exception. Based on your scenario—is it a simple track to the roof or does it move through 7 other condos along the way—we will give you a quick quote and get your dryer vents cleaned and repaired straight away if you agree.   

More than once our technicians have arrived at a home or business to find that the customer had attempted to fix this seemingly simple issue themselves.  After all, what could be involved with sucking the lint out of the dryer vents with your own high-powered vacuum or shop vac? Well…cleaning your dryer vents is not as simple as it seems, so please don’t try.

The way that you can work to prevent dryer vent cleaning for some time is to keep your lint trap clean between every load. Other than that, please hire a trained professional to clean your Pinellas County dryer vents to avoid possibly complicating the problem or, worst of all, hurting yourself. Our certified techs have the genuine parts and the right tools to get your dryer vents functioning wonderfully in very little time and at very little expense.

All in all, cleaning your dryer vents can avoid a fire, extend the lifespan of your dryer, improve your indoor air quality, and strengthen your dryer’s drying performance and energy consumption.

Schedule regular yearly dryer vent cleaning HERE or call us now at (727) 648-7879 for dryer vent cleaning and repair in Pinellas County.

We at Coastal Appliance Solutions are proud to service these small appliance brands and more:


Born raised and based in Pinellas County, our family-owned appliance repair business is standing by to serve your small appliance needs, as well as full size appliance repairs, including but not limited to commercial and residential refrigerator repair, stove or oven repair, dishwasher repair, and washer or dryer repair in:

Bay Pines, Redington Beach, Redington Shores, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Belleair, Bellaire Shore, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Crystal Beach, Dunedin, Indian Rocks Beach, Largo, Madeira Beach, Gulfport, East Lake, Oldsmar, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Saint Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Seminole, Tierra Verde, Treasure Island, Indian Shores, Pass-a-Grille Beach, Tarpon Springs, Kenneth City, South Pasadena, Bardmoor, Feather Sound, Harbor Bluffs, Gandy, Ridgecrest, and Bear Creek!

If you need a small appliance repair in Pinellas county, home or commercial, please consider the affordable small appliance repair experts here at Coastal Appliance Solutions. (727) 648-7879 or set an APPOINTMENT now!